Aboriginal Art Workshop 2018

All the students truly did enjoy the two events. For some, it was the first time they were ever introduced to anything that involved Indigenous culture. The students as well as myself were blown away by the amount of support and care you truly put into your events.  Char, Manager, July 2018


Harmony Day 2019

Aunty Roma is an extremely professional, knowledgeable, reliable and flexible person who ably and warmly delivered the Welcome to Country at both our Junior and Senior Assemblies. She shared her knowledge in the most appealing of ways, by using hand gestures and encouraging the students to join in, with one lucky student even assisting her on stage. Visually and aurally, Aunty Roma is a most appealing presenter. Her ability to adjust the tone of her presentation to the occasion was evident. Her delivery of the Welcome to Country and speech for the Multicultural Communities public Harmony Day event was appropriately formal but retained its warmth and appealing personal content. I can highly recommend Aunty Roma as a public speaker for any occasion. 
Carmel, Japanese Teacher, April 2019

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